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Box Office

  • welcome guests to the theatre
  • exchange tickets for payment
  • keep track of ticket sales and seat capacity
  • share your knowledge of current and upcoming performances



  • greet patrons warmly and hand out programs
  • prepare programs for evening performances
  • take tickets and keep track of house count
  • tidy theatre following performances
  • assist audience during emergency evacuation
  • share knowledge of current and upcoming performances



  • keep cooler stocked with cold drinks
  • exchange refreshments for payment
  • tidy lobby following performances
  • share knowledge of current and upcoming performances



  • help with load-ins, hanging and focusing lights, level set, light and sound setup
  • ensure equipment is operational prior to each performance
  • follow lighting and sound cues by stage manager



  • opportunity to see dynamic performances
  • earn community hours
  • meet musicians, actors, and other volunteers
  • make new friends
  • gain “inside” knowledge of theatre
  • be a backstage star
  • have fun!!!

Ask not for whom the curtain calls, it calls for thee.


Click here for more information on our Front of House Volunteer opportunities

Volunteer Application Form

» Volunteer Application (pdf)

The Registry Theatre is a community performing arts facility located in downtown Kitchener. We are committed to providing affordable performance spaces, presenting community and professional productions, and to providing educational opportunities for the local community. We have volunteer positions available to match all ages, backgrounds, skill-levels and interests. We even encourage families to volunteer together!

To join The Registry Theatre Volunteer Crew please complete and submit this form. Someone will contact you to arrange an interview, and to provide information on orientation and training dates. In the meantime, if you need more information, please call us at 519-745-6565 or email


About You

Volunteer Familes: Please choose one person as the main contact & fill out the Volunteer Family section.



Phone Numbers:


When is the best time to contact you? (check all that apply)


What are you interested in?


What interests you most about being a volunteer with The Registry Theatre? (check all that apply)

Increasing learning / skills
Interest in live theatre
Meeting new people
New & fun experiences
Work experience
Improving my English skills
Being a role model
Serving my community
Playing with light and sound
Seeing shows / concerts, etc.
Family-time: I’m volunteering with my family

What volunteer position(s) / area(s) are you interested in? (check all that apply)
Volunteer Coordination

Event Monitor
Technical Operator
Promotions: postering, etc.
Front of house: ushering, tickets, audience relations, etc.
Working on productions: If so in what area(s):
Running crew
Stage Mgmt.

Would you be interested in volunteer opportunities with other local theatres?


Skills / Experience


The Registry Theatre Volunteers do not need to have specific skills or experience, as all training will be
provided. However, if you have skills, experience or talents that we should be aware of, please let us know. This
will help us to properly value what every person brings to the Volunteer Team:

SmartServe Cetificate
Current First Aid Certificate


Volunteer Family Applicants:


How many family members are interested in being volunteers?

Please list all names and only the ages of those under 18:

Interested in also volunteering individually? Yes

Interested in also volunteering individually? Yes

Interested in also volunteering individually? Yes

Interested in also volunteering individually? Yes

Interested in also volunteering individually? Yes


Time Commitment:
The Registry Theatre Volunteer Program requires a minimum time commitment of 8 hours per month, in addition to your initial orientation session. We can be flexible however, so please speak with us if you situation is unique.

Application Process:
We promise to make the application process as easy and fast as possible. However, we are also committed to a high quality volunteer program, and all potentional volunteers are required to submit to a screening process. The screening process involves that application, and a personal interview. A police record check may be required depending on the type of role / responsibilities you assume. If you have any questions about our process, please
contact us.


The Registry Theatre will keep your personal information private and confidential. Information provided in this form will be used only for the purposes of the Volunteer Program.

I am not interested in receiving informaiton / promotional mailings about the Registry Theatre and its programming.


I have read the foregoing and certify that the information I have provided is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and correct.

Applicant Signature (enter name and check box)


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