tiger princess dance projects

tiger princess dance projects

Date:Jan 27, 2018 Phone:519-578-1570 Price:$25 Time:7:30 pm Location:122 Frederick St, Kitchener, ON

Dance @ The Registry


tiger princess dance projects: In Search of the Holy Chop Suey & Zhōng Xīn

Where or in what time space does identity reside? Yvonne Ng asks How does someone else’s movement quality impact my own dancing self? as she undertakes a pointed investigation for her solo, In Search of the Holy Chop Suey. In it, she ponders a life of creation and imitation in movement and mines influences from sources as varied as her mother, modern dance and kung fu legends, ordinary people, wild animals and more. Says Ng, “When I imitate, I also uncover something unique in myself. Each time I fail to become more like my mother—or my favourite kung fu hero Bruce Lee—I become more me.”

In explaining the title, Ng says: “In the late seventies/early eighties, there was a TV series called In Search of… that focused on mysterious phenomena, e.g. Loch Ness, Holy Grail, Big Foot, etc. But they would never find the ‘thing’ that was the subject of the particular episode. Chop Suey is a dish that reportedly originated from migrant Chinese workers who lived in the U.S.A. in the 19th century. When I was young, living in Asia, I wanted everything western. I knew about the dish and equated it to something Western/North American. The title is a comment on my belief that each of us has a deep desire to find meaning for our lives—even as that meaning eludes us and/or is not what it seems.”

Ng then extends the exploration to Zhong Xin (which translates to centre or core in Mandarin), her trio for three dancers. The dancers and Ng unite, each harnessing different qualities and histories. In collaboration with composer Nick Storring and set designer Joe Pagnan, Ng and her dancers propose an unknowable universe of possibilities—anchored by memory, identity and the body.

The performance contains partial nudity.



Saturday January 27, 7:30 pm

Tickets: $25 in advance or Pay as you Leave for Enjoyment Received


Call 519-578-1570 or Buy Tickets Online


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