Playground: Festival of New Work

Playground: Festival of New Work

Date:Jun 6, 2019 Phone:519-578-1570 Price:$15-$20 Time:7:30 pm Location:122 Frederick St, Kitchener, ON
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JM Drama Alumni


Playground: Festival of New Work

JM Drama Alumni is pleased to present 2019’s Playground: Festival of New Work from June 6-9 at The Registry Theatre (122 Frederick Street).

The Playground Festival: New Work solicits original works from Waterloo Region playwrights and theatre creators each fall. Several writers are selected to join the Writer’s Circle, an informal group that meets regularly over the course of three months to read, discuss, and develop scripts. This core group evolves into a production team that oversees programming, casting, and staging, collectively preparing their works to be seen for by our region’s enthusiastic theatre audiences.

Featuring 5 fully-staged productions, Playground seeks to explore complex subject matter in a way that activates thought and discussion. The rules of the playground apply well beyond the primary school years: we all must share space, take turns, take risks but also take care of our friends. And the most fun is always had when there’s a touch of danger . . .

By supporting our 2019 Playground: Festival of New Work through ticketed Festival Stage presentations, and providing valuable feedback on our program including the works presented – direct to our email address, or through completing short surveys at our venues – audiences will continue the tradition of nurturing professional theatre craft in Waterloo Region – from the Playground up!

The Shows Playing at Playground 2019

“You Smile”

“You Smile” A Musical Written By Parker Merlihan and Ayden Elworthy, with additional music and lyrics by “The Kings Of The Crawlspace”

After their first draft of a musical fails to capture the writer’s intention, they start over. The writers musical, “You Smile,” explores the different kinds of relationships that occur in a young person’s life. The writers try to reimagine what they had in their original draft, while their characters in the musical, Sam and Liam, seek to find fulfillment in Liam’s music career, and in their own relationship.


A musical written by Cameron Slipp

Directed by Laureen Kuhl

Inspired by true events, “501” follows the story of Jim and Zack, two devoted public transit advocates and “railfans” on the inaugural run of a brand new high speed route. Amidst a crowd of tired commuters desperate to reach their destinations, Jim and Zack are exactly where they want to be. Little do they know, tragedy waits just around a corner. This unconventional musical explores the importance of public transportation, and the positive impacts that a few passionate people can have on society as a whole.

“Dear Baby”

Written By Beth Lanigan

Directed by Viktorija Kovac

The journey into motherhood can be both beautiful and complex. “Dear Baby” is a series of five monologues of mothers speaking to their unborn or newly born babies. What do mothers say to their babies during stolen moments that are rarely said to other adults? What events or conditions provoke these secret words? Through these monologues, the thoughts, contradictions, and complexities of motherhood and a mother’s identity are illuminated

“all of the things we’re taking”

Written and Directed by Joanna Cleary

Inspired by the song “Perfect Places” (Lorde), three university-age friends lives intersect as they come to realize what adulthood is all about. Sonia, Rae, and Mike struggle to give and receive from each other, and reflect on what it means to love and place faith in other people.


Co-created & Performed by Ahmad Meree

Co-created & Directed by Majdi Bou-Matar

Someone walks on stage to talk to journalists and human rights activists. Who is this person? What will he say? What is his story?

This piece is one of the results of OAC Skills and Career Development Grant Program.

When Each Show is Playing at the Festival

Shows will be held on Thursday June 6th, Friday June 7th and Saturday June 8th. Specific timings and shows are listed below

Thursday June 6, 7:30 pm


You Smile

Friday June 7, 7:30 pm

Dear Baby


all of the things we’re taking

Saturday June 8th at 2 pm

You Smile

Dear Baby

Saturday June 8th at 7:30 pm



all of the things we’re taking

Sunday June 9th at 2:00 pm

Transformation from By Stander to Upstander

Show Dates and Times

June 6 @ 7:30 pm
June 7 @ 7:30 pm
June 8 @ 2:00 pm & 7:30 pm


$20, $15 students and seniors

Festival Pass is $30

Call 519-578-1570 or Buy Tickets Online

For Further Information Visit The Playground Website

Transformation from By Stander to Upstander

Sunday June 9

This training aims to bring awareness about how seemingly minor interpersonal biased interaction may lead to serious incidents and how to prevent harm through a restorative justice approach if such an incident occurs. 
The training will include an exercise on continuum of harm, a hands on activity to find possible alternatives to real life biased scenarios, a component on Islamophobia and a Q&A. 
The training is designed for 20 people and will last two and a half hours with a 20 minute break.

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