Maggie & Me

Maggie & Me

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Dance at The Registry

Christine Friday of Friday Creeations

This compelling dance piece, choreographed and performed by Christine Friday of Friday Creeations, honours and continues the legacy of women as healers in our communities; traditional practice revealed in a contemporary world.

This piece began with the offering to be a jingle dress dancer evolving into the creation of a contemporary healing dance allowing gifts and ancestral experience’s to guide the choreographer in the creation and manifestation. The journey travels with us through dimensional realms of existence – spirit, dream, and present – the healing and revitalization of our Anishinaabe culture. With a movement style that is at once free, lyrical, explosive an expression of indigenous contemporary dance, she walks into her own power.

The dance is accompanied by Path Without End (10 min), a documentary dance film about taking back our power and speaking our truth on our traditional family territory.

Thursday April 30
7:30 pm

Tickets: $25 in advance or Pay as you Leave for Enjoyment Received

Call 519-578-1570 or Buy Tickets Online

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